When Is Laser Therapy the Best Treatment Option?

When Is Laser Therapy the Best Treatment Option?

Michael F. Gioscia, MD, FACS, ABVLM, is a well-known vein specialist with a busy practice in White Plains, New York. Dr. Gioscia has extensive experience in all possible vein treatments, noting that his is not a one-fix-for-all practice. 

Instead, during your initial evaluation at the Vein Institute of Westchester, Dr. Gioscia takes time to fully evaluate your leg veins and devise the most effective treatment plan.

Read what Dr. Gioscia says about using laser therapy for vein treatments, the results it offers, and when he recommends adding it to your treatment strategy.

How does laser therapy work as a varicose vein treatment?

Laser therapy for problematic veins uses energy (heat) generated by light to seal the targeted vein. This closes off the blood supply, causing the vein to dissolve and eliminating the bulging, discoloration, and other visible effects of varicose veins.

Medical lasers that we use for varicose vein closure are set at wavelengths that affect blood (hemoglobin) and vein walls without damaging skin and other nearby tissue structures. We perform laser therapy in-office at the Vein Institute, and it generally takes about 30 minutes.

But Dr. Gioscia notes that he considers skin tone, vein coloration and size, and many other vital details before recommending a vein treatment. He then selects the therapy that offers the best possible aesthetic results.

For instance, you may achieve better results from an alternative treatment, such as radiofrequency ablation using the VNUS Closure® system to seal varicose veins. Also performed in-office, this incisionless, painless procedure is quick and offers outstanding results.

What about laser therapy for spider veins?

Dr. Gioscia notes that the only truly effective treatment for spider veins is sclerotherapy, which requires an injection of a sclerosing agent into each vein. The sclerosing agent closes the vein, causing it to dissolve. 

He then uses a laser to smooth away surface imperfections that affect the skin’s appearance. The laser wavelengths are set to address skin irregularities without penetrating deeply enough to damage underlying structures.

Fortunately, sclerotherapy for spider veins is painless and usually requires several in-office sessions. It can be tedious for the provider and requires artistic patience. Still, Dr. Gioscia believes it’s well worth his time and professional expertise to achieve the outstanding cosmetic results his patients deserve.

What are the other treatments available for varicose veins?

Dr. Gioscia has thoroughly researched varicose and spider vein treatments he offers at the Vein Institute of Westchester. Those that meet his rigorous standards for patient comfort, safety, and effectiveness include:

Your individualized treatment strategy may include one or more of the above therapies, which Dr. Gioscia will discuss with you in detail before scheduling.

Get started with your personalized vein treatment plan today by scheduling an evaluation with Dr. Gioscia at the Vein Institute of Westchester. Call (914) 997-8081 or request an appointment online.

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