Understanding ClariVein's Dual Approach to Destroying Varicose Veins

You have more treatment options than ever these days for ridding yourself of those unappealing and sometimes painful varicose veins that mar your skin’s surface. One of the most recent therapies, ClariVein®, uses advanced technology to provide a safe, quick, and effective in-office treatment solution for varicose veins.

Award-winning vascular surgeon and vein specialist Dr. Michael Gioscia is well-known for his expertise in treating varicose veins at his busy practice, the Vein Institute of Westchester in White Plains, New York.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Gioscia takes the time to fully evaluate your leg veins and devise the most effective treatment plan. His isn't a one-fix-for-all practice, and Dr. Gioscia has extensive experience in all possible solutions.

Read why ClariVein meets this talented specialist’s rigorous standards for treating varicose veins.

How does varicose vein treatment work?

Vascular specialists use a variety of methods to eliminate varicose veins. Sclerotherapy, for instance, involves injecting a substance (sclerosing agent) into the vein, which essentially causes it to shrink and fade away over time. It’s been used for decades and is especially effective for spider veins and small varicose veins.

For larger veins, we turn to what’s known as mechanical destruction. This once required a vein stripping procedure that included large surgical incisions and time in the hospital. Newer mechanical destruction therapies such as radiofrequency (RF) vein ablation are done in the office and are minimally invasive, requiring only a very small incision to access and destroy the targeted vein.

What makes ClariVein different from other treatments?    

ClariVein is a vein removal treatment that takes a dual approach to eliminate varicose veins by combining sclerotherapy with mechanical destruction of the vein. It’s often referred to as mechanochemical ablation.

The ClariVein device allows us to access the unwanted vein with a very small needle puncture, through which a tiny catheter is inserted and used to deliver a sclerosing agent throughout the vein. The use of a topical numbing agent prevents discomfort during the needle puncture, and the procedure is otherwise painless.

This enhanced delivery system, guided by ultrasound imagery, makes ClariVein very effective for the destruction of large varicose veins and as a treatment for circulatory issues caused by venous insufficiency.

What are the benefits of ClariVein?

ClariVein is a very effective treatment that can eliminate cosmetically unappealing varicose veins and help restore impaired circulation that’s related to damaged veins.

As with any medical procedure, individual results may vary but ClariVein is a convenient, in-office procedure that typically takes about 30 minutes to complete. Other benefits include:

The use of ultrasound guidance during the ClariVein treatment also ensures the precise delivery of the sclerosing agent, which prevents possible damage to nearby nerves and other tissue structures.

For further information regarding ClariVein or other effective treatments designed to eliminate varicose veins and improve your circulatory health, schedule a visit at the Vein Institute of Westchester today. Call the office or book your appointment online. 

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