Say Goodbye to Varicose or Spider Veins Before Shorts Season: Learn All Your Options

If sunny skies and warmer temps make you dread the change in fashion the season demands, it’s time to consider treatment for varicose and spider veins.

Michael Gioscia, MD, is a board-certified surgeon with vascular fellowship training. He leads our team at the Vein Institute of Westchester in White Plains, New York, and has a stellar reputation for providing top-notch, patient-focused care for numerous vein disorders, including varicose and spider veins.

Read more about the quick, easy, and permanent treatments available for those unsightly veins that spoil your summertime fun.

What’s causing the bulge?

Veins are the blood vessels that carry blood back to your heart, where it’s resupplied with oxygen and other vital nutrients before arteries transport it back to your cells and organs.

Varicose veins most often occur in the legs and are caused by weak or damaged vein walls or valves that allow blood to pool in the vein. This causes the twisting, bulging, and discoloration noted with varicose veins. These distorted veins are visible because they’re near the surface.

Are spider veins different from varicose veins?

Spider veins occur when blood pools within the tiny vessels very near the skin’s surface (capillaries). Unlike larger veins, which tend to bulge as they fill with pooling blood, spider veins become discolored. 

This creates thread-like red, black, blue/purple lines on the skin that resemble spider webs. Spider veins tend to occur in clusters that enlarge over time but are rarely painful.

Treating varicose and spider veins

During your initial consultation at the Vein Institute of Westchester, Dr. Gioscia takes the time to fully evaluate your leg veins and devise the most effective treatment plan. 

This isn't a one-fix-for-all practice. Dr. Gioscia has extensive experience in all possible solutions and creates a treatment strategy that fits your needs and expectations.

The goal of varicose and spider vein treatment is to close off the damaged vein(s). This causes the discolored and bulging veins to fade as your body reroutes blood flow to surrounding vessels.

Depending on the vein’s size, Dr. Gioscia might recommend:


With sclerotherapy, Dr. Gioscia injects your problem veins with a saline solution or foam medicine that causes the vein to collapse and close.  

Cutera® Nd: YAG laser system

Laser treatment delivers safe and controlled laser energy that closes and shrinks the damaged vein.


ClariVein is a highly effective, painless treatment that uses advanced technology to combine sclerotherapy with mechanical destruction of varicose veins.

Other treatments

Other vein treatments available at the Vein Institute of Westchester include:

In every case, Dr. Gioscia works closely with you to design the most effective treatment strategy available for your problem veins.  

Stop avoiding your favorite summertime fashions because of varicose and spider veins. Schedule an evaluation with Dr. Gioscia today. Call our office or request an appointment online.

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