Here's What to Expect After Sclerotherapy

Here's What to Expect After Sclerotherapy

Vascular specialist Michael F. Gioscia, MD, FACS, ABVLM, at the Vein Institute of Westchester is an expert at eradicating varicose and spider veins. He’s well-known for his skill in customizing incisionless vein treatment strategies in order to offer the best physical and cosmetic results possible for his patients in White Plains, New York.

Dr. Gioscia explains sclerotherapy and what you can expect after the treatment.   

How has sclerotherapy improved?

Sclerotherapy is a popular varicose vein treatment that uses a foaming sclerosing agent to seal problematic veins. The substance, delivered via injection, causes inner vein walls to collapse and close. This prevents blood flow through the targeted vessel, prompting your body to reroute the blood supply to a functioning vein.

Without blood flow, the treated vein dies. Your body’s lymph system carries away the cellular debris, eliminating the bulging and discoloration associated with varicose and spider veins. 

Sclerotherapy has been widely available in the United States since the 1930s, but it was initially a painful procedure that required a hospital stay and anesthesia.

Thanks to improvements in sclerosing agents and imaging technology that allows us to view and access the problematic vein without incisions, sclerotherapy is now an in-office procedure that’s quick, painless, and highly effective.

At Westchester Vein Institute, Dr. Gioscia utilizes the most advanced technology to provide sclerotherapy for all vein sizes, from tiny web-like spider veins to large bulging varicosities.

What should I expect after sclerotherapy?

Dr. Gioscia provides detailed instructions regarding aftercare before scheduling your procedure. But you can expect to resume routine daily activities immediately after sclerotherapy, with a few exceptions.  

For instance, to decrease the risk of bruising, you should avoid using aspirin or ibuprofen for 48 hours after a treatment. But you may use acetaminophen (Tylenol). Hot baths, warm compresses, or saunas also increase bruising risk.  

Otherwise, there’s no need to limit activity or rest as you recover from sclerotherapy. In fact, we encourage walking and other exercise for their health benefits. 

In addition, veins treated with sclerotherapy are accessed with needles rather than incisions, meaning there are no incision sites to care for following the procedure.

Because sclerotherapy relies on your body’s natural processes to remove vein debris, it may take a few weeks to achieve full cosmetic results. Also, depending on the number of veins requiring treatment, you could need more than one sclerotherapy session. 

Dr. Gioscia discusses these details before designing your personalized treatment plan.

What treatments are available for varicose and spider veins?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Gioscia takes time to fully evaluate your leg veins and devise the most effective treatment plan. He notes this isn't a one-fix-for-all practice.

Dr. Gioscia has extensive experience in all possible solutions and may recommend one or more of the following vein treatments:

Schedule an evaluation at the Vein Institute of Westchester today. Call (914) 997-8081 or request an appointment through our online portal.

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